Where to Network

In the Little Red Book of Sales, Gitomer tells you, that wherever there are 20 butts in the seats. You shall be there also. I try to make it to as many networking events that I can. It is a great way to meet new people, get leads, give leads and show value. Any questions or comments, I look forward […] Read more »

Are you using Facebook?

There has been a lot of debate over privacy and so on with Facebook, but when they double their unique visitors year over year.  I really think you have to sit up and take notice. Recently, they passed 500 million users and with the free tools they have available. A business would be a fool not to have a fan […] Read more »

My LinkedIn Profile SEO Experiment

LinkedIn could almost be called the “Facebook” of business, and is definitely one of the legs of your 3 legged stool of Social Networking, the other two being Twitter and Facebook. In truth, LinkedIn was my first foray into social networking having ventured onto the site back in mid-2007. Sadly, however it has been my most underutilized. Well, until now. […] Read more »